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Your Family, Your Passions, Their Future

When you have someone or something that’s important to you, you want the security of knowing that what you cherish will be taken care of when you’re no longer able to do so. A good estate plan goes beyond dividing your assets – it’s about ensuring that the people, things, and traditions that matter to you are protected.

At Stephan & Associates, we work with you to provide estate planning personalized to you and your unique circumstances. Our experienced advisors help individuals in Xenia to understand their estate plan and adapt it to meet their changing needs.

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We work closely with your legal and accounting team, keeping direct communication so that details won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Our Comprehensive Estate Planning Services in Xenia, OH

A reliable estate plan encompasses several aspects and serves multiple purposes. We go over the plan with you to ensure that your estate plan covers everything it needs to and leaves no room for uncertainty. 

When evaluating your estate, we look for areas of weakness or poorly defined details that could potentially send your estate to probate and result in unnecessary pain and cost for your heirs. Common issues include improperly titled beneficiaries, unnecessary death taxes, and trusts that fail to account for applicable state laws.

Estate Planning Means Less Stress for You and Your Beneficiaries

If you’ve never made an estate plan before, it could seem like a daunting prospect. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. As your professional wealth managers, we help to break down the process into manageable parts, so you never feel unprepared for making decisions about your estate. We walk you through the steps to help you understand how your current estate plan will affect your assets and beneficiaries. Additionally, we explain your options to ensure your plan is clear and your assets are covered down to the last detail.

You may not realize that if you don’t have a personalized estate plan in place, your estate will be divided according to state law, which may go against what your wishes would be. Developing an estate plan with us ensures that nothing is left up to chance or law.

We know that life situations can change quickly, and your priorities change with them. Our advisors are readily available to help you review and make alterations to your estate plan, keeping it up-to-date in any circumstance.

Financial Solutions Tailored to You

The team goal at Stephen & Associates is to ensure that you are always in control of your wealth. We personalize our financial services to provide you with security and peace of mind, no matter what your goals are.

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